Marco Russo was born in Florence on May 2, 1981. His passion for Art dates on early age, his love for music took him to play guitar and piano in creative interpretations with various underground rock bands 

Growing up he falls in love with photography, which he saw as a search for beauty, the unique unrepeatable moment, the simple truth hidden in things, movement, the vistas and geometry of the world around us.

He sees the camera as an essential and complementary element of seeing itself, allowing him to play with the chiaroscuro of his shots, which, as time passes, are becoming more accomplished. In 2010, after working in the fields of cinema, art and fashion, he had his first photographic exhibitions in established galleries, abroad as well as in Italy.

In 2012 Giulio Cappellini and the Gruppo Cassina acquired 12 of his photographs to exhibit in their showrooms throughout the world including New Delhi, Doha, Paris, Monaco, Rome, Milan, Colonia, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Also in September 2012 Cappellini hosted his solo exhibition of portraits in the showroom of Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris. Since then the collaborations began with clients such as Montblanc, Bulgari, Conde’ Nast, Archivio Alinari and many more.Particularly striking is his perception of apparently inexistent vistas, the discovery of corners and landscapes, the speed of the fleeting moment.

Currently he continues to work as a photographer, with his usual dynamism and predisposition for art.